Half Year Highlights: 2018

Yes, it's August already and no, we have no idea where the time has gone...What we do know though is that we've managed to pack in quite a lot this year already and with new arrivals on the horizon and some more exciting projects lined up, we felt it was a good time to reflect on some of our highlights this year so far... 

...So let's take a 'pause'...

We created a logo and brand identity for this genius of a company pause - the brain child of life coach Danielle Marchant. The act of slowing down and reconnecting to what our heart wants is a transforming experience – if we have the courage to stop, breathe and reflect inwards. Pause retreats aren’t about finding quick answers, but they are about slowing down enough so you can start asking the right questions.

We loved creating this luxurious logo and brand identity for Equatelier - a remote and flexible PA and lifestyle management service. They provide you direct access to a personal assistant to help you with your day to day tasks. No matter how large or small, their service is entirely bespoke to your needs.

Kerri is a London based Creative / Interior Designer with a focus on creating inviting spaces with a story. She has an eye for detail, a love for sourcing antiques and designing bespoke pieces for clients combined with a wealth of experience in various creative industries. We believe that often 'simple is best' and we stripped it back here to create a minimal and gentle logo design for Kerri Lipsitz.  

Anna Hewitson Design provides clients with a fresh approach to Interior Design. Anna Hewitson works with clients to develop creative solutions, tailored to the design brief, seamlessly balancing functionality with aesthetics. If you look closely, you'll see the A & H letters we merged together to create Anna's simple submark and paired with a fresh font. 

Fentiman Design is an Interior Design studio based in London. The business prides itself on its excellent attention to detail in every aspect of the design process and its strong relationships with clients, consultants and suppliers. No detail went unnoticed when creating the logo and branding for Fentiman.  

Conditioned by Kat is a freelance, personal training business. The logo design focused on bold and clear typography with an emphasis on power and structure. We can't wait to see more from this awesome company. 

We created a bright, hand-written logo to capture the bespoke and personal spirit of Emily Hill Lifestyle.  Whether it be a one-off project or on-going support, Emily's service is designed for anyone who recognises the value of outsourcing and streamlining, to free up that precious commodity: time. 

We love working with start-ups and Jessica da Cunha was no exception. We designed a classic and stylish logo for her new interior design business. 

Please do get in touch hello@isabelandink if you would like to discuss logo and brand projects with us for your business or read more about our brand stories here. 

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