Paper Projects: Wedding Edit

We are huge fans of all things paper at Isabel & Ink. We're lucky enough that we get to work with paper quite a lot (ok all the time) and there are some truly fantastic UK based printing companies out there to help turn our designs into a reality. 

Here's some of our favourite papers that we've used throughout various wedding and event stationery pieces AND we've even written what paper was used for you... aren't you lucky?!

GF Smith - Colorplan Smoke

GF Smith - Colorplan Lavender

GF Smith - Colorplan Mist

GF Smith - Gmund Creme Tactile

GF Smith - Colorplan Natural & Lockwood Green

GF Smith Colorplan Natural - Silkweave Embossing

GF Smith - Colorplan Amethyst

Whether you're printing your wedding invitations, correspondence cards, business cards, brochures or letterhead, we love get geeky and stuck in to swatches, textures, colours and finishes so drop us a line if you want to chat paper!

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