Logo Look Back 2017

We've worked with some pretty awesome companies this year and expanded our spectrum of clients to new industries. 

Here are a few highlights...


Moore Connected offers tech tuition for those in need of a patient and knowledgable guide. We created a friendly and approachable logo design that was reflective of an old school club/society. We look forward to seeing how the company evolves when it officially launches next year.  


Since it's launch, The Peel Boutique has gone from strength to strength and we've loved being a part of it's journey. The logo was created with the idea of peeling and revealing in mind, stripping away parts of the letters for a cool, clean, contemporary feel. Watch this space!


Santis is a private, London, prostate cancer clinic with world-class results. We wanted to keep the logo design clean, fresh and positive. 


We love working with interior designers because of their wonderful attention to detail. We kept the logo strong and simple for Interior Style Studio but added in a subtle use of bright coral throughout the brand for a bit of a twist. 


Hanning is a lead real estate recruitment firm based in London. We are very partial to the deep navy and neon yellow colour combo created for the brand. 


Nadia Malarkey is a garden and landscape designer based in the US. Structure, connection and form played a key part in the creation of Nadia's logo. There is a real sense of harmony as well as space between the letters.


Nidderdale Capital (“NiddCap”) is a UK based operating partner and asset manager for real estate investors. The company name was inspired by the Yorkshire Dales so we made a subtle nod to this in the logo design. 


Lucy Kinsella is an interior designer with impeccable taste. We created a smart, chic monogram and paired it with a contemporary font as part of her overall branding. 


The Event List offers high quality and original party products for all occasions. Their website is a treasure trove of goodies for unique gift-givers. The logo created is classic and timeless.


The girls over at ALS Ski have pretty enviable jobs and specialise in organising ski holidays and events. We rebranded their existing company with a fresh and approachable design.


Anything that's sold at magnum size is fine by us! The Magnum Company mark is fun, friendly and fresh.

There are plenty more where this came from and we are excited to see what 2018 brings. Thank you to all our lovely clients and participants. 

Izzy x

Isabel BirrellComment